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Diesel Fuel Injectors for the Ford E-250 Econoline

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These are the models that match your selection for E-250 Econolines.
Year Make Model Liter Fuel/
Tutorial Available Fuel Injector
1994   Ford   E-250 Econoline   7.3   DIESEL/
Non Turbo

How do Ford Diesel Fuel Injectors Function?

The Ford Powerstroke 6.0L fuel injector is a hydraulic electronic unit injection system, or HEUI Fuel Injector. These parts were originally made by Siemens, and run on high pressure oil from the oil pump as well as an electic solenoid for control. Let's take a look at each of the pieces.

First let's look at the Hydraulics, or the force that pushes around the fuel. The oil pump located at the back of the engine produces upwards of 3000 PSI during normal operations. With oil pressure reaching as high as 3,770 PSI, there is plenty of force to move the fuel through the injector, and into the bore of the engine. The fuel injector itself multiplies oil pressure, at a 7:1 ratio, forcing fuel at pressure routinely up to 26,000 psi. The fuel injectors are primed with high pressure oil from a heavy duty rail located above the injectors, moving fuel through the cast passages in the cylinder heads.

A HEUI is not yet complete though, we need something to control the flow of the fuel, so we need to introduce an electric control unit. Two 48-Volt 20-Amp solenoids do nicely. These solenoids control the position of the spool valve in the injector which routes high pressure oil into and out of the injector and ultimately controls when injection occurs. HEUI fuel injectors have a remarkably fast response time due to the oil pressure above, and the ability to move the spool valve quickly into the “OPEN” and “CLOSED” positions. During normal operation, each fuel injector will actually perform several separate injection “CYCLES” for each revolution of the cylinder. These “SHOTS” of fuel deliver improved power and reduced engine noise.

Typically, when one fuel injector fails, the engine is difficult to start, and feels starved for power, and is audibly different during operation. When two fuel injectors fail, starting the engine is VERY DIFFICULT and the engine may not start at all. Should you manage to start the engine without a pair of Fuel Injectors operating, it will be very short of power.

Our experience is that when one fuel injector fails, the remainder are close to the end of life as well. From a time and labor standpoint it makes sense to replace the injectors as a set! To replace one injector takes 1 hour, to replace 4 injectors takes the same hour type of thing. When injectors fuel flow is matched, tuning the individual cylinders is far easier.

What causes Ford Powerstroke Injector Failure?

Despite design issues inherent from the manufacturer, the #1 cause of Ford 6.0L fuel injector failure is poor maintenance! These first two culprits can be avoided by good maintenance, the last can be avoided if you just stop for gas.

1 Engine oil at high pressure is used to operate the injectors, so when your engine oil is allowed to deteriorate or get dirty, it get's pushed through your fuel injectors. Therefore, keeping the engine oil clean is absolutely essential to maximum fuel injector life. Extended oil change intervals are not advised, and have lead to many 6.0L fuel injector failures.

2 Fuel is the next major issue that affects 6.0L injectors. Poor quality fuel, with water or dirt present, again can damage or destroy your fuel injectors. Dirt and grime will destroy the valve mechanism which controls how often and how much fuel is distributed into the cylinder. Water, being far less compressible, can damage the fuel injector creating a low fuel pressure situation.

3 These fuel injectors are designed so that the fuel provides a cushion for the internal valving of the injector. The water present can causes low fuel pressure, again allowing those valves to be destroyed. Low pressure from a failing fuel pump can also be the culprit, destroying a whole rack of injectors at once.

4 Finally, running a Ford 6.0L Powerstroke engine completely out of fuel is usually catastrophic for the fuel injectors! On many of these trucks, when you run out of fuel, you will need to buy and install 8 new fuel injectors to get her back on the road. If you think you might run out of gas, stop, shut the truck off, and walk. It may save you a complete set of fuel injectors.

As a consumer, pay close attention to the proper oil and filter maintenance to avoid dirty oil pushed through your fuel injectors. We recommend that oil filters be serviced at 30,000 mile intervals, 15,000 – 20,000 in very dusty environments.

As a consumer, pay close attention to the proper fuel filter maintenance to avoid as many of these problems as possible. We recommend that fuel filters be serviced at 15,000 mile intervals.

Mechanics should check fuel pressure after installing new fuel injectors. Use the manufacturer's specifications for your truck, but generally you want to see 65-70 PSI in the fuel lines while the engine is running.
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